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Want to plan a variety of QUICK PREP meals each season without all the overwhelm?

Year-Round Yum is a DONE-FOR-YOU plan to help you easily mix in QUICK PREP recipes each season with your family's current faves.

Planning tasty meals has never been easier (OR QUICKER)!

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Friend, you know how meal planning can feel like such a chore sometimes?

You know how you LOVE to spend hours and hours of your precious time each week meal planning?

Don't you just have SO much fun agonizing over what you're going to make to feed everyone?

Don't you take so much joy in repeating the same meals over, and over, and over (and over) again?

I know, ME NEITHER. We should fix that.

GOOD NEWS - I have!

And you're going to love the solution.

A done-for-you meal planning guide with a huge variety of QUICK PREP seasonal meal ideas that you and your family will LOVE!

(And you can use it again and again each year!)

With 60 meal ideas (15 per season) that have 15 minutes or less of hands-on prep time,Year-Round Yum makes enjoying tasty meals & creating connection at your dinner table a piece of cake.

Total value: $47

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What if it was easy to...

  • Eat a variety of QUICK PREP, nutritious meals without all the headache and decision-fatigue of finding the recipes and figuring out what to make?
  • Build a menu with side dishes without having to think about it?
  • Plan DELICIOUS meals around some different common dietary needs, without having to buy a bunch of uncommon and expensive ingredients?
  • Eat seasonal meals you & your fam are EXCITED about?
  • Plan meals that make great leftovers for lunches & future dinners?
  • Create connections & make memories around the table with your family & friends?

And, what if alllll the legwork was done FOR YOU?

With Year-Round Yum, you'll be able to:

Feed your fam a variety of delicious, quick-prep meals each season using the lists of HIGHLY reviewed recipes that I've carefully curated for you.

You'll get a variety of seasonal recipe ideas (15 per season!) that aren't fussy, are packed with flavor & nutrition, and can be prepped in 15 minutes or less!

That's so much of the season planned FOR you!!

(And, a LOT of those meals make great leftovers, so you can easily make them span more than one dinnertime!)

Suffice it to say, I think you're going to LOVE these recipes, but more on that in just a sec!

Very easily mix & match the Year-Round Yum recipes with your own family favorites to make your meal plan.

I am telling you - this is PLANNING MADE EASY.

With notes for every single recipe, you'll get all sorts of recipe information at a super quick glance, PLUS side ideas to go along with any main dish recipe that isn't a "full meal" on its own.

It's basically going to revolutionize your meal planning.

Make your dinner table exactly what it was meant to be: a place of connection & relationships.

With seasonal "Invite, Play, and Plan" tips, you'll get simple + meaningful ideas for how to really make your dinner table an anchor point for your family & a welcoming place for others.

Want to check out what's inside Year-Round Yum?

Lemme show ya the 1-2-3's of what each season looks like.

Here's a deep dive to see what's included for each of the four seasons:

You'll get 15 main dish recipe ideas for each season (so 60 meal ideas total!) that include a variety of meals that can all be PREPPED within 15 minutes or less.

**Note: All of these link out to HIGHLY rated recipes from various bloggers! I've done ALL the Googling homework for you to find recipes with fantastic reviews!**

You'll get a handy-dandy table for each season that helps you see some important features of that season's recipes at a glance - this is going to make meal planning a BREEZE.

A quick glance at the table can tell you if a recipe:

  • Can be easily doubled (most of them can be!)
  • Can be made in an slow cooker or an Instant Pot (for easy "set it and forget it" meals)
  • Is a full meal (vs. a main dish that needs sides)
  • Freezes well
  • Meets a particular dietary need such as gluten free, dairy free, or vegetarian
  • Makes good leftovers (so you can easily plan to reheat for lunch or dinner the next day!)

AND, if a recipe has a star in a column, it means that you can make some SUPER EASY adaptations to make it fit that category! (I give you those adaptation suggestions in the recipe notes.)

Here's what you'll love about these pages:

  • Quickly see the prep time, total time, and number of servings for each recipe. This will help you easily plan out when to make what meal.
  • You'll get tips for prep and/or customization ideas for almost every recipe. I'll give you quick tips for how to adapt a recipe, make it heartier or even more nutritious, what to do to prep it ahead of time, etc.
  • SIDE IDEAS!!! Some of these recipes are "full meals" that really don't need a side dish, but for all of them that do, I offer suggestions for sides that would go perfectly with that main dish so you don't even have to think about it. MENU PLANNING MADE EASY, my friend!


Did someone say BONUSES?!

In addition to all of the delicious seasonal recipe ideas, you'll also get some FUN bonuses!


Dinner time isn't just about the food. 😉

Get 4 seasons' worth of ideas for spending quality time at the table!

You'll get monthly ideas for...

  • Inviting people over to join you for a meal (or two!)
  • Playing fun games at the table with your fam
  • Planning some intentional activities to do with your family

I can't wait to make it easier AND more fun for you to spend time at the table with your people! 😁


Wahoo! Sides made EASY!

Get QUICK PREP side ideas for...

  • Main dish meats
  • Tex mex meals
  • Asian meals
  • Pasta meals
  • Breads
  • Salads

You know the drill - these sides link out to HIGHLY rated side dish recipes that can be prepped in 15 min or less!

Get these bonuses for FREE when you purchase Year-Round Yum today!

Let's chat more about all of the seasonal recipes, shall we?

There are sooooo many things to love about 'em.

Here's several reasons why:

The hands-on prep time for each of these recipes is 15 minutes or less. In fact, the prep time on more than half of them is 10 minutes or less.

These aren't meals that require tons of labor, steps, or babysitting on the stovetop.

Nope, I was intentional about including meal ideas that only required 15 minutes or less of hands-on work, and then you let the stove, Instant Pot/slow cooker, or oven do the rest of the work for ya. 💪

If I had a dollar for every hour I spent Googling recipes to include in here, I'd be giving you Year-Round Yum for free and on a beach somewhere sipping bottomless pina coladas.

Just kidding. I don't even like rum and I'm too much of a homebody. 😜 But you get the point.

Let's just say, I spent a LOT of time curating this list of recipes to make sure that I only included what seemed to be the BEST OF THE BEST. The vast majority of the recipes in here have at least 4.7/4.8 out of 5 stars and dozens (if not hundreds) of reviews.

Which means we're avoiding a bunch of duds!

These meals are NOT FUSSY.

All of the recipes can be prepared in ways you already cook - on the stove top, baking in the oven, in the slow cooker, and in the Instant Pot.

And, the vast majority of the recipes include ingredients you're probably very familiar with. No running all around town to different specialty stores to hunt down ingredients you can't pronounce.

Variety! Without all of the decision fatigue!


Variety in:

Meal types - tons of options! Soups, tacos, salads, bowl meals, casseroles, skillet dishes, stir frys, etc.

Cuisines - alllll sorts of cuisines (but again, carefully chosen with ingredients you'll use regularly) - comfort foods, Asian, Tex-Mex, Italian, Mediterranean, American, Indian, and more!

Dietary needs - lots of INHERENTLY* gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options. As well as plenty of options for those of you (and me) who love gluten, dairy, and meat.

*When I say they "inherently" meet a dietary need, I mean that those recipes don't require specialty ingredients...the recipe easily meets the "dietary requirement" without you having to make a bunch of substitutions.

Want recipes that you can easily reheat for lunch or dinner the next day?


Over 80% (YEP) of the recipes included make great leftovers!

What do I mean by healthy and nutritious?

  • Lots of recipes with a variety of veggies & lean meats.
  • You won't find any recipes in here that call for preservative-rich ingredients. Not to rag on Velveeta, condensed soups, and MSG, but they just didn't make the cut in the recipes I chose for Year-Round Yum.

Now, are there some decadent, cheese-tastic, out-of-this-world, "last meal on earth" types of recipes in here?

Uhhh, yes.

But even for those recipes, I did my best to include recipes that only call for real ingredients. You know, like real heavy whipping cream, real sharp cheddar cheese, and real bacon.

What do I mean by hearty?

Belly-rubbin' meals that you feel GOOD about feeding your fam.

At least 50% of the recipes in Year-Round Yum are freezer-friendly. YAY!

So, whether you want to:

1) Prepare a meal ahead of time and freeze it...

2) Make double and freeze the second batch for later...

3) Simply freeze your leftovers...'ll easily find meals in here that you can freeze!

In the recipe notes, I offer lots of suggestions for how to easily make some simple + reasonable substitutions to meet different dietary needs.

Two, four, six, eight, how many people want to ate eat?!

You'll find recipes in here that serve 2-3 or up to 8-10 (or more). Many of them can be halved, and many of them can be doubled. (See below!)

Many of the recipes can be doubled! (Deja vu?)

If you're feeding a crowd (and I hope you will sometimes! INVITE THOSE NEIGHBORS OVER!), feeding a large fam, or just feeding some growing teens (or a hungry husband), you can easily double the vast majority of the recipes in here.

(And then you know, if you end up with extras, remember...lots of these recipes make great leftovers and freeze well!)

Whew, that was a lot.

Let's do a quick recap:

There's basically like, A TON of reasons to love these recipes!

Total value: $47

Buy today for $27

I love to feed my people, and I can't wait to help you feed yours, too!

I can't wait to help you feed your family meals you're excited to make.

We love food around here. Tex-Mex, southern comfort (often with a healthier twist), Asian-inspired, Italian, all-things pasta, and pretty much anything made in a cast iron skillet. Or a slow cooker. Or an Instant Pot. Or on the grill.

We're not real picky.

And, we love to eat seasonally. There are some things that are tasty aaaaany time of know, like TACOS. But taco soup? In July in central Texas? No way, Jose.

Plus, it's fun to eat seasonally because you can look so forward to those foods and flavors that remind you of rhythms, traditions, and routines of the seasons that are so special to you & your fam!

I know how much you relish in making good food that gets people 'round your table, but I also know how challenging it can be to come up with a variety of TASTY & FLAVORFUL meal ideas without making your head spin.

And ones that won't turn up as duds. (Gosh it's frustrating when that happens!)

Or need a bunch of uncommon or unusual ingredients. (Or preservative-packed ingredients that you'd really rather not feed your fam.)

Or require some fussy prep and cooking methods.

That's why I created Year-Round Yum. I want it to be A LOT easier for us to plan seasonal meals we're excited to serve up AND that make it easier for us to get around our dinner tables and make a huge difference in this world.

This day & age, I'm 100% convinced that our little 'ole dinner tables have a greater impact on lives than any of us can imagine, so I hope Year-Round Yum frees you up to enjoy more time building community over good food!

This isn't just any 'ole done-for-you list of meal ideas.

Here's why you'll love Year-Round Yum:

  • The recipes have already been vetted by tons of other reviewers. With SO many recipes with such high ratings, we're avoiding a bunch of duds!
  • You'll get a huge variety in meal types, cuisines, and flavors without all the overwhelm. You don't have to rely on run-of-the-mill, repetitive meals, uncommon ingredients, or fussy cooking methods.
  • Eating seasonally is FUN! You & your fam can look forward to enjoying meals ideal for each time of the year!
  • Making a menu gets SOOOO MUCH EASIER. With a list of perfectly corresponding side ideas for every single main dish recipe that isn't a "full meal" on its own, you'll be able to VERY easily plan out main dishes & sides in minutes.
  • It makes PLANNING way simpler. With being able to quickly see how long each meal takes to prep, how many it serves, whether or not it meets a common dietary need, if it freezes well, if you can plan on it for can easily figure out what meals to make when.
  • You'll be able to more intentionally spend time with others at the table. The tips in Year-Round Yum help you make some family dinners a little more meaningful + help you more simply invite + build connections with others around your table. There's so much power in your dinner table - Year-Round Yum will help you unleash it!

Oh, and by the way, you can use Year-Round Yum straight from your phone or tablet!

Simply bookmark Year-Round Yum on your home screen and access it anytime, anywhere, and immediately access all of the linked recipes!

Don't just take my word for it!

Check out how Year-Round Yum has simplified the lives of so many others! ��

Have some questions?

How will I get the product after I purchase?

Within a few minutes of your purchase, you'll receive an email with all the links to download Year-Round Yum! (You will receive a DIGITAL product in your email; nothing will physically be mailed to your address.)

What types of meal ideas are included in Year-Round Yum?

A HUGE variety! Lots of different flavors, cuisines, cooking methods, etc. but most, if not all, will be fairly familiar!

Does this include all of the main dish recipes?

Year-Round Yum includes LINKS to the recipes. That's one of the things that makes this so special. By linking out to others' recipes, I was able to create a much more RELIABLE list of tasty recipes since I could rely on recipes that have already been vetted with so many reviews.

What if I own Delish List? Are these just all the same recipes?

There's a little bit of overlap, but for the most part, you'll find a bunch of new gems to serve up to your fam in here!

How is this different than any other meal idea list?

For one, the recipe ideas have been VERY carefully selected. I've browsed through zillions and zillions of recipes, trying to find the ones that not ONLY have the best reviews, but also have the most reasonable cooking methods & ingredients. Second, there's a big focus on seasonality - let's be honest, it's just downright fun to eat foods that go along with the seasons!

Do I have to print this to use it?

Nope! You can save Year-Round Yum (a PDF) to your phone and/or tablet's home screen, and then easily access it from there, just like you would any of your apps!

I'm committed to offering you a HIGH-QUALITY, HIGH-VALUE product, and I sincerely believe that Year-Round Yum will make your meal planning life easier & more enjoyable! If you have any questions or concerns after your purchase, please email and I'd love to help you make Year-Round Yum work for your meal planning!

Ready for some DONE-FOR-YOU meal planning with absolutely delicious meals?!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get inside of Year-Round Yum:

  • Four seasons' worth of a variety of DELICIOUS, QUICK PREP meal ideas, carefully curated for you to include only recipes with fantastic reviews!
  • A recipe features cheat sheet for each season to help you see all sorts of recipe features at a glance
  • Recipe notes for every single recipe - prep time, total time, serving #, customization & prep tips
  • Perfectly paired side dish ideas for every main dish that isn't a "one pot" or "one pan" meal
  • EASY access to all of the features from your mobile device!
  • BONUS #1: Table time ideas for all 4 seasons - Simple but unique monthly mealtime connection ideas for inviting others over for a meal and making dinnertime special & meaningful for your family
  • BONUS #2: Quick prep side ideas + links to those highly-rated recipes

Total value: $47

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